The Modern Fireplace Has Come A Long Way

esceaThe Modern Fireplace has come a long way from the ancient fire pits that were built in the ground in the center of a primitive dwelling. The foundation for the Modern Fireplace goes back to CountRumford in the late seventeen hundreds with his design of the tall shallow firebox. Today the fireplace is more popular than ever and the choices become more varied each year. In fact, most people consider this feature as one of the most requested when looking to purchase a new home. It has not lost it’s appeal and increases the value in the purchase of the home.

Home owners look for energy and cost savings as well as appearances.  They are no longer limited to the traditional brick fireplace when shopping for their home and fireplace. In fact, it’s become quite simple to add one to a dream home with out a fireplace. The Modern Fireplace can be gas or electric. You can order them online and could even be installed by the homeowner without much difficulty. Many companies offer the opportunity to design a unique one of a kind masterpiece with all the choices in options available.

One of my favorite Modern Fireplace in design and flair is the Escea 5000 Outdoor Fireplace. This one was chosen to be the fireplace in the American Home for 2009 at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas. This company offers both indoor and outdoor designs with a simple yet elegant style. Many home owners are intrigued with the idea of an outdoor space. Many dream of updating their simple outdoor kitchen consisting of grill and lawn chair to an elegant dining area and outdoor fireplace.

People still love to congregate and are drawn to the hearth of the home. The fire is both visually and emotionally soothing. This is the place where confidences are shared and memories made. Take a step. Whether you chose a simple modern day outside fire pit or one of the prize winning designs like the Escea 5000 only matters if you are the one liking it. Don’t procrastinate. Start with what you can afford this year. You can always trade up later if you think you might need to. In the meantime you can star the first project today!

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