Gas and Electric Fireplace Designs: Which one is Right for You?

Gas_Fireplace_page003img001Gas and electric fireplace designs are both fabulous choices for homes. They bring a certain charm and elegance to a home and the fact that they don’t burn wood makes them far more convenient than their wood burning counterpart. Gas and electric fireplaces also do not make a mess. Clean up and maintenance is quite simple. Both types of fireplaces have gorgeous designs that add a wonderful addition to any home.
There are some differences between the Gas and electric fireplaces however. The gas fireplace will likely put out more heat. So, if you want to really use this for heating and not just a pretty fireplace to look at, you will likely want a gas fireplace. Also, a gas fireplace needs a flue, so typically a gas fireplace is inserted into an existing fireplace. The gas fireplace is made to look just like a wood burning fireplace and the logs that go in it look real. Unless someone looks closely they may not even realize the fireplace isn’t a wood burning one. Gas is simple to use and efficient. You may have a simple control to turn up or down the flames and heat. Gas is a terrific choice for someone looking for heat as well as ambiance.

The electric fireplace is popular because it can go anywhere. You can put one of these in an inside wall, upstairs, downstairs, wherever you want. You need to be sure it meets code regulations of course for fire retardancy, but where an electric fireplace can go is limitless. The electric fireplace does give heat, just not as much as a gas fireplace. The electric fireplace doesn’t need a flue so that makes this fireplace incredibly universal. The look is similar to that of a gas or wood burning fireplace and the logs for an electric fireplace also look quite real.

When it comes to which type of fireplace you want to choose it will really depend on how much heat you want to get out of it, and if you have an existing fireplace to put a gas fireplace into. Both Gas and electric fireplace designs will heat, are absolutely beautiful and will light up any home. Regardless of which type you purchase the fireplace will still become a focal point in your home. These are a terrific investment in your home no matter which you choose.

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