Modern and Contemporary Fireplace Designs: how to choose the right one…

modern art fireplace designModern and contemporary fireplace designs are not simply ordinary furniture, but pieces which complement any home and give any room they are placed in a sense of elegance, style, coziness, and warmth. Fireplaces can range from the kind which utilize gas, to ordinary wood fireplaces, to outdoor fireplaces, and even to tabletop miniature fireplaces. With a multitude of options to choose from, between gas, electric, tabletop, outdoor, and indoor, as well as limitless options regarding the size, shape, color, and style of the fireplace itself, modern and contemporary fireplace design is something which is limited only to the imagination of the designer and the desires of the customer interested in purchasing the fireplace.

The design which most often comes to mind when one thinks of a fireplace is a cubical enclosure towards the bottom of a wall at one end of the room, burning wood or using gas, without anything spectacular to look at; however, when it comes to modern and contemporary fireplace designs, the fireplace, more often than not, is a spectacle in and of itself. Cubical designs are popular, but a key feature of modern and contemporary fireplace designs is that the cube is no longer limited to it’s traditional space. Cubical fireplaces can be in the middle of a wall, in the middle of a room, outdoors, or, regardless of the location, enclosed in glass.

Fireplaces can be silver, black, white, enclosed with stones, red, mostly glass, or mostly metal. Traditionally, fireplaces are thought to either use gas or burn wood, but stones are a key feature of some recent design. In the case of gas fireplaces, many modern and contemporary fireplace designs feature a fire which burns on stones, thus adding a flare of current, creative thinking to designs towards building a thing which has been a part of the home for centuries. Some fireplaces, the kind designed to be located towards the center of a room or outside instead of on a wall, feature shelves on one side or the other to enable the homeowner to store things like dishes, books, artwork, or whatever else they may need to store, on the side of the fireplace.

Modern and contemporary fireplace designs can even be circular, thin and rectangular, tubular, triangular, conical, or pyramidal. Modern fireplaces really come in a wide variety of truly lovely designs. A fireplace may not seem like much to some home buyers, but many modern and contemporary fireplace designs can truly make the fireplace a wonderful, stunning addition to an already lovely home in and of itself. Modern and contemporary fireplace designs make the fireplace not only simply a place in which to burn something in the winter, but elevate it into a piece of art.

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